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Virtual Mentor. October 2001, Volume 3, Number 10.

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Strengthening the Social Contract

One of the challenges the profession faces in shaping medicine's future, presented as part of VM's two-year commemorative issue.

Strengthening the Social Contract acknowledges that disparity in health has social as well as medical causes and explores ways to strengthen the cooperation between medicine and society at a time when social institutions of all sorts are faced with growing public cynicism.

All WoMen Are Created Equal - by Audiey Kao. MD, PhD
Physician-citizens have an ethical and social duty to address the disparities in access to health care worldwide.

The Code as Expert Witness - by Karen Geraghty, PhD
The AMA's Code of Medical Ethics has been increasingly cited in judicial rulings concerning the medical profession, underscoring its evolution over its 154 years as the recognized authority on all aspects of professional behavior in the medical setting.

Through the Physician's Eyes: AMA President's Inagural Address, 2001 - by Richard Corlin, MD
The 2001 presidential inaugural address of Richard F. Corlin set a goal to reduce gun violence in order to protect the public health and limit injuries and death.

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