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Illuminating the art of medicine

Virtual Mentor. November 2001, Volume 3, Number 11.

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Educating for Professionalism

One of the challenges the profession faces in shaping medicine's future, presented as part of VM's two-year commemorative issue.

Educating for Professionalism examines the barriers and opportunities that we confront in determining how best to teach and train the next generation of physicians to be compassionate healers.

It Is Good Medicine - by Audiey Kao, MD, PhD
The editor emphasizes the need for core competencies in ethical standards to be integrated into medical education.

Through the Student's Eyes: Working in the Shadows - by David Block
A medical student reflects on his first day of gross anatomy and what it means to embark on a medical education.

Through the Student's Eyes: Sag - by Jennifer Bau
A poem about the different reactions a staff surgeon and a medical student have to the same painting of a patient displayed on a hospital wall and the emptiness that binds them.

Professional Ethics and Instructional Success - by Kenneth Kipnis, PhD
A medical ethics expert discusses which goals should be achieved in teaching ethics to medical students, measuring these outcomes, and reaching consensus when values differ.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
A spoof on the Twelve Days of Christmas that addresses the growing ethical concerns of gifts of industry.

Cases: Is It the Money? and In a Bind?
Two cases pose ethical dilemmas about disclosing financial incentives from health plans to patients and a potential violation of patient autonomy.

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