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Illuminating the art of medicine

Virtual Mentor. November 2001, Volume 3, Number 11.

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Reconnecting to Essential Ideals

One of the challenges the profession faces in shaping medicine's future, presented as part of VM's two-year commemorative issue.

Reconnecting to Essential Ideals seeks to express what motivates individuals to enter medicine and then to examine how the best of those motivations can be preserved or recovered as one's career progresses.

Can We Talk? - by Audiey Kao, MD, PhD
The editor discusses how some physicians' ideas of healing and caring deteriorate over time and what might be done to regain the ideals that attracted them to practice medicine.

Stopping for Death - by Robert Davidson, MD, MPH
A Peace Corps physician working in Africa recounts his experiences in traveling to a different region of Africa to attend to the body of a Peace Corps volunteer who died after being attacked by an elephant.

Guarding the Art: Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD - by Karen Geraghty, PhD
Edmund D. Pellegrino, John Carroll Professor of Medicine and Medical Ethics at Georgetown University, is recognized for being a passionate advocate of ethics and morality in the medical profession.

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