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Virtual Mentor. February 2003, Volume 5, Number 2.

Test Questions

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Test Questions: Emergency Medicine

Crossword puzzle of the issues covered in this issue.

February 2003, Volume 5, Number 2

Test Puzzle

1 First stages of smallpox lesions
6 Without a physician's approval, init.
7 Responsible for requesting organs for donation, init.
8 May qualify as a medical emergency
11 Emergency physician assoc., init.
14 Like Hopkins 24/7 patients
16 Good death, etymologically speaking
17 TV medical drama
20 HHS penalty for EMTALA violations
21 Immediately
23 Exam mandated under EMTALA
24 Genetic material, init.
26 Type claim that cannot be made against a physician under EMTALA
27 Patients' right to have only those present who are involved in treating them

2 Former star of 17 across
3 Legislation that applies to all Medicare hospitals
4 Desired status for a transfer patient
5 Don't even try, init.
9 Legally accepted document
10 Forbidden by the AMA Code of Medical Ethics, init.
12 May prompt a 911 call
13 Physicians' ethical codes require this type care
15 Forbidden under EMTALA
18 Physicians may have conflict between duty to patients and
duty to__________
19 Virus that causes smallpox
21 Comedy/drama about interns
22 Regulates organ donation requests, init.
25 Could save a life, init.

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