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Virtual Mentor. March 2003, Volume 5, Number 3.

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March 2003 Contents

Medical Residency

Ethics Poll

Do you (or did you) moonlight while in residency training?

  • Yes - 55%
  • No - 45%

If so, how many moonlighting hours per month did you average?

  • 0 - 43 %
  • 1-10 - 30 %
  • 11-20 - 13%
  • 21-30 - 8%
  • 31 or more - 8%

What is (was) the most important motivation for moonlighting?

  • Money to pay off education debt -2 8%
  • Extra disposable income - 28%
  • Experience to enhance residency training - 5%
  • N/A - 40%

Do you agree that hours spent moonlighting should be included in the 80 hours per week that residents are allowed to work?

  • Yes - 68%
  • No - 13%

From the Editor

Job Description: Resident
Faith Lagay
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Educating for Professionalism

Clinical Cases

Performing Procedures on the Newly Deceased
Commentary by Leonard Morse and Gregory Larkin
Full Text

An Impaired Resident
Commentary by Erin Egan and Dewitt C. Baldwin
Full Text

Journal Discussion

Debate Over the 80-Hour Work Week
Jeremy Spevick
Full Text

Clinical Pearl

Diagnosing Alcohol Abuse and Treating Withdrawal Syndrome
Audiey Kao
Full Text

Law, Policy, and Society

Health Law

Are Surgery Residents Liable for Medical Error
Lisa Panique
Full Text

Policy Forum

Justice in Residency Placement
Timothy F. Murphy
Full Text

National Residency Matching Program Proposed Rule Change
Douglas C. Miller
Full Text

Medicine and Society

Moonlighting for Charity
Audiey Kao
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Op-Ed and Correspondence


Random Acts of Kindness: Sustaining the Morale and Morals of Professionalism
Audiey Kao
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History, Art, and Narrative

Medical Humanities

Going beyond "We Did Everything We Could"
Joseph Bovi
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Suggested Readings and Resources
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Test Questions
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About the Contributors
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