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Virtual Mentor. March 2005, Volume 7, Number 3.

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March 2005 Contents

Ethics in Adolescent Medicine

Ethics Poll

Do you think breast augmentation should be performed on a 17-year-old?
Parents ask a physician to perform a drug screen on their adolescent son who denies drug use. The physician should:
A 16-year-old seeks a prescription for contraceptives, and asks the physician not to tell her parents. The physician should:
I received training in adolescent medicine during medical school.

From the Editor

Adolescent Health and Medical Ethics
Megan A. Moreno
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Educating for Professionalism

Clinical Cases

Drug Testing in Adolescents
Commentary by Todd S. Varness and Norman Fost
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An Adolescent with an Eating Disorder
Commentary by Garry Sigman
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Transition of Care
Commentary by Jonathan Spahr and Don Hayes
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Journal Discussion

Black Box Blues: Kids and Antidepressants
Louis J. Kraus and Renee Mehlinger
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Medical Education

Adolescent Medicine Training for Medical Students
Maurice Clifton and Alda Maria Gonzaga
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Clinical Pearl

HEADSS: The "Review of Systems" for Adolescents
Rachel Katzenellenbogen
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Law, Policy, and Society

Health Law

Must Doctors Report Underage Sex as Abuse?
Kate Karas
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Policy Forum

Confidentiality and Consent in Adolescent Substance Abuse: An Update
Melissa Weddle and Patricia K. Kokotailo
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Health Care for Incarcerated Adolescents: Significant Needs with Considerable Obstacles
Robert E. Morris
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Medicine and Society

Adolescent Medicine: Emergence of a New Specialty
Jessica Rieder, Elizabeth M. Alderman and Michael I. Cohen
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Op-Ed and Correspondence


Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery
Diana Zuckerman
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Ethics of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Adolescents
Michael A. Bermant
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History, Art, and Narrative

Medical Humanities

Adolescence and Gender Identity
Allison Grady
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Suggested Readings and Resources

Test Questions
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About the Contributors
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