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Virtual Mentor. August 2005, Volume 7, Number 8.

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August 2005 Contents

Difficult Conversations in Medicine

Ethics Poll

How would you rate your communication with your own physician?
When an awkward situation arises between you and a coworker, your approach generally is to:
Due to a physician or pharmacy error, you received a greater-than-intended drug dose that caused temporary discomfort but no long-term harm. Your physician describes how the error occurred and apologizes for it. As a result:

From the Editor

Learning to Talk and Listen
Audiey C. Kao
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Educating for Professionalism


Vignette 1: Physician-to-Patient Communication
Disclosing Error to a Patient

Commentary by Geoffrey H. Gordon
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Vignette 2: Physician to Patient in Clinical Trials
Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

Commentary by Frederic W. Platt
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Vignette 3: Colleague-to-Colleague Communication
Frame Feedback to Improve Professional Performance

Commentary by Barbara F. Sharf
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Vignette 4: Physician-to-Nurse Communication
Following the Golden Rule toward Respectful Relationships

Commentary by Richard Sheff
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Vignette 5: Physician-to-Drug Rep Communication
Finding the (Right) Time

Commentary by Michael E. Roloff and Rachel Malis
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Vignette 6: Resident to Patient's Family and Attending Physician
Responding to Insensitive Remarks about a Patient

Commentary by James T. Hardee
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Vignette 7: Resident-to-Student Communication
Giving Honest Feedback

Commentary by Benjamin Blatt
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