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Illuminating the art of medicine

Virtual Mentor. June 2007, Volume 9, Number 6: 468-469.


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About the Contributors

Theme issue: Goals of Medicine.

Julie D. Cantor, MD, JD, a practicing attorney, teaches medical ethics and law at the UCLA School of Law. She is interested in the intersection of law and medicine, particularly informed consent, birth in America and the perils of medical training.

Barbara A. Hinze, MA, is a doctoral student at the Center for Health Care Ethics at Saint Louis University, St. Louis. Prior to her return to graduate studies, she taught writing, literature and speech. Her research interests include medical research ethics, global bioethics and narrative analysis in bioethics discourse.

Elliot M. Hirsch, MD, is a recent graduate of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. In July he will begin a seven-year integrated plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University in Chicago.

Bruce Jennings, MA, is director of the Center for Humans and Nature, a private operating foundation that studies issues in the environment and health and has offices in New York City. He is a senior consultant at The Hastings Center in Harrison, New York, and teaches at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut. He has written widely on bioethics, health policy and end-of-life care.

Elizabeth Kieff, MD, is a graduate of the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. After completing the adult psychiatry residency at the University of Chicago in May 2007, she will become a clinical associate in the Student Counseling Center at the university and a career advisor for medical students at Pritzker. Dr. Kieff is currently a fellow at the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, also at the University of Chicago.

Louise P. King, MD, JD, is a first-year resident in the obstetrics and gynecology program of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Before medical school, Dr. King practiced law in Louisiana and Texas, focusing on constitutional and criminal law and representation of indigent clients.

Erica K. Rangel is a second-year PhD student at the Center for Health Care Ethics, Saint Louis University, St. Louis. She graduated from Rice University with degrees in philosophy and cognitive science. Her research interests include neuroethics, vulnerable populations in research ethics and palliative care in the cancer setting.

Kenneth A. Richman, PhD, is an associate professor of philosophy and health care ethics at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, where he serves as chair of the institutional review board (IRB). His book Ethics and the Metaphysics of Medicine was published by MIT Press in its Basic Bioethics series.

Mary Simmerling, PhD, is the director of research integrity at the University of Chicago, where she is also a senior fellow in the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics and an associate in the Department of Surgery, Section of Transplantation.

Staff contributors

Sarah Maitre is a fellow in the Institute for Ethics at the American Medical Association in Chicago. She will receive her medical degree from Oregon Health Sciences University in June 2007.

Lee Black, LLM, is a senior research associate for the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs at the American Medical Association in Chicago. Prior To joining the AMA, he was a staff attorney with the Legislative Reference Bureau in Springfield, where he drafted legislation for the Illinois General Assembly.

Theme issue editor

Emily E. Anderson, PhD, MPH, is a fellow in the Institute of Ethics at the American Medical Association in Chicago. She completed her doctorate degree in health care ethics at the Saint Louis University, St. Louis, in March 2007. Her primary interests include research ethics, public health ethics and empirical research in ethics, and she has recently published on the topics of public participation in research ethics oversight, public perceptions of brain death and ethical issues in substance abuse research.