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AMA Journal of Ethics. December 2016, Volume 18, Number 12

Ethics Poll

Ethics in Neuropsychology

The Ethics Poll is a snapshot of the opinions of interested readers.

Poll Question

Who should have access to emerging technologies that change or alter memories?

Find responses to this question in the Medicine and Society feature of the December 2016 issue [see additional Second Thoughts] of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Content Question

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) prevents insurer discrimination on the basis of "preexisting conditions." Does predictive neuroscience information about a condition like Alzheimer’s disease (AD), gathered before the onset of any symptoms, constitute a "preexisting condition"?

For an analysis of these and other ethical considerations relevant to new innovations in neuropsychology, see the December 2016 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

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