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AMA Journal of Ethics. May 2017, Volume 19, Number 5: 411-513.

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Ethics in Mental Health and Oncology

Ethics Poll

Poll Question

A grieving widow with breast cancer says she doesn’t want to continue treatment. How should her oncologist respond?

Find a discussion of responses to this question in the May 2017 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Content Question

A cancer treatment is likely to leave a 13-year-old boy infertile. His parents ask his oncologist not to tell him. What should the oncologist do?

Find the answer to this question in the May 2017 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

From the Editor

Unexplored Ethical Issues at the Intersection of Mental Health and Oncology
Weisheng Renee Mao
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Ethics Cases

Influence of Psychiatric Symptoms on Decisional Capacity in Treatment Refusal
Commentary by Joshua M. Baruth and Maria I. Lapid
Full Text | PDF

Do Pediatric Patients Have a Right to Know?
Commentary by Philip M. Rosoff
Full Text | PDF

How Should Clinicians Respond to Transference Reactions with Cancer Patients?
Commentary by Fatima Noorani and Allen R. Dyer
Full Text | PDF

Ethical Management of Patients with Cancer and Mental Illness
Case and Commentary by Laurel J. Lyckholm and Arwa K. Aburizik
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The Importance of Spiritual Care Referrals for Cancer Patients: Listen
An Interview with Dr. Tarris Rosell

In the Literature

How Situational Diagnosis Helps Disentangle Ethical and Psychological Features of Complex Cases
Jerry Joseph Ignatius and Walter Baile
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State of the Art and Science

Assessing Psychological Toxicity and Patient-Reported Distress as the Sixth Vital Sign in Cancer Care and Clinical Trials
Thomas W. LeBlanc and Arif H. Kamal
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When and Why Should Mental Health Professionals Offer Traditional Psychodynamic Therapy to Cancer Patients?
David P. Yuppa and Fremonta Meyer
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Medicine and Society

Decreasing Smoking but Increasing Stigma? Anti-tobacco Campaigns, Public Health, and Cancer Care
Kristen E. Riley, Michael R. Ulrich, Heidi A. Hamann, and Jamie S. Ostroff
Full Text | PDF

Prioritizing Mental Health Research in Cancer Patients and Survivors
Monica R. Martinez and Amirala Pasha
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Should Clinicians Intervene If They Suspect That a Caregiver Whose Child Has Cancer Is at Risk of Psychological Harm?
Amy E. Caruso Brown
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Images of Healing and Learning

From Silence into Language: Questioning the Power of Physician Illness Narratives
Amy E. Caruso Brown and Rebecca Garden
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They Are People First, Then Patients
Mónica Lalanda, Eva Gracia-Peligero, and Maria Teresa Delgado-Marroquín
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About the Contributors
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