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AMA Journal of Ethics. July 2018, Volume 20, Number 7: 607-674.

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Religion and Spirituality in Health Care Practice

Ethics Poll

Poll Question

The night before a scheduled bypass surgery, a patient asks her surgeon to pray with her. How should he respond?

Find a discussion of responses to this question in the July 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Poll Question

A patient tells his physician that he doesn’t want pain medication after a cholecystectomy because “God wants [him] to be in pain.” Should the clinical team comply?

Find a discussion of this question in the July 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

From the Editor

Influences of Religion and Spirituality in Medicine
Danish Zaidi, MTS, MBE
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Ethics Cases

What Should Physicians and Chaplains Do When a Patient Believes God Wants Him to Suffer?
Commentary by Benjamin W. Frush, MD, MA, John Brewer Eberly Jr, MD, MA, and Farr A. Curlin, MD
Full Text | PDF

How Should Clinicians Respond to Requests from Patients to Participate in Prayer?
Commentary by April R. Christensen, MD, Tara E. Cook, MD, and Robert M. Arnold, MD
Full Text | PDF

Should Clinicians Challenge Faith-Based Institutional Values Conflicting with Their Own?
Commentary by Jane Morris, MD and Kavita Shah Arora, MD, MBE
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How Chaplains Communicate About Values in Clinical Settings: An Interview with Rabbi Susan Harris Listen

Medical Education

Fostering Discussion When Teaching Abortion and Other Morally and Spiritually Charged Topics
Louise P. King, MD, JD and Alan Penzias, MD
Full Text | PDF

Policy Forum

Best Practices for Partnering with Ethnic Minority-Serving Religious Organizations on Health Promotion and Prevention
Nadia Islam, PhD and Shilpa Patel, PhD
Full Text | PDF

Medicine and Society

Training Physicians as Healers
Aparna Sajja, MD and Christina Puchalski, MD
Full Text | PDF

Art of Medicine

Balance of Principles
Artwork and captions by Karl Lorenzen
Full Text | PDF

Healing Body and Spirit
Artwork and caption by Ariana Ellis
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Personal Narrative

Chaplains’ Roles as Mediators in Critical Clinical Decisions
Susan Harris, MHL
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