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DecemberHIV Care and Ethics
NovemberHumanizing Physician Learning
OctoberReligion, Patients, and Medical Ethics
SeptemberEthical Questions in Genetic Testing
AugustProblematizing the Principle of Autonomy
JulyMedicine in the Era of Globalization
JuneMedicine and the Environment: Doing No Harm
MaySpecialty Choice and Business Decisions in Medicine
AprilEthics in Clinical Research
MarchChallenged Patient-Physician Relationships
FebruaryProfessional Responsibility in Preventing Violence and Abuse
JanuaryMedical Care for Homeless Individuals


DecemberHospitalists and Patient Care
NovemberEthical Questions in Prevention
OctoberEthics and Neonatal Intensive Care
SeptemberEthical Issues in Sleep Medicine
AugustEstablishing the Boundaries of Informed Consent
JulySex and Gender in Medicine
JuneQuality of Life and Geriatric Patients
MaySystem Constraints on Optimal Care
AprilMedical Care for U.S. Immigrants
MarchMedicine and Personhood
FebruaryCaring for the Incarcerated Patient
JanuaryEthical Issues in Diagnosing and Treating Addiction


DecemberEthics and Public Health: Physicians as Agents of the State
NovemberEthical Issues in Diagnostic Radiology
OctoberMedicine, Ethics, and War
SeptemberThe Parental-Fetal Disconnect
AugustEthics and Multiculturalism in the Patient-Physician Encounter
JulyPhysician Accountability
JuneGoals of Medicine: Decision Making at the Margins
MayRoman Catholic Medical Ethics: Beginning and End-of-Life Issues
AprilProfessional Development in Medical School
MarchMedia Influence on the Practice of Medicine
FebruaryPatients, Doctors and Medical Device Technologies
JanuaryEthics of Cancer Care and Research


DecemberGlobal Health: Ethics of International Medical Volunteerism
NovemberUnderstanding the Illness-Poverty Relationship
OctoberParental Competence in Medical Caregiving and Decision Making
SeptemberHumanist Approaches to Care at the End of Life
AugustEthical Issues in Dermatology
JulyState of the Art of Healing in the 21st Century
JuneSound Prescribing
MayConflict of Values in the Clinical Setting
AprilEthical Questions Posed by Emerging Epidemics
MarchCost of Care
FebruaryExpertise in Medicine
JanuaryEthical Issues in Screening


DecemberPhysicians in Public Roles
NovemberEthical Issues in Endocrinology
OctoberEthical Decision Making in the Diagnosis and Management of STDs
SeptemberEthical Challenges in Organ Donation
AugustDifficult Conversations in Medicine
JulyAccess to Care
JuneEthics in Family Medicine
MayThe Role of Faith in the Patient-Physician Relationship
AprilProfessional Self-Regulation
MarchEthics in Adolescent Medicine
FebruaryQuality of Life and Clinical Decision Making
JanuarySpecial Theme Issue on Internal Medicine


DecemberStandards of Care: An Ethical Examination
NovemberResearch Ethics
OctoberEthics in the Practice of Surgery
SeptemberMedicine and Human Rights
AugustEthical Issues in Neurology
JulyMedicine in Sports and Fitness
JuneThe Ethics of Quality Care
MayMedicine's Response to Terrorism
AprilMedicine and the Social Contract
MarchPatient Safety and Medical Error
FebruaryPaternalism in Medicine
JanuaryPhysician Activism


DecemberProfessionalism in Medical Education
NovemberPublic Health Ethics
SeptemberPhysician Well-being and Burnout
JulyMedicine and Industry
JuneCaring for a Culturally Diverse Patient Population
MayObstetrics and Gynecology
AprilThe Difficult Patient-Physician Relationship
MarchMedical Residency
FebruaryEmergency Medicine
JanuaryDo No Harm (End-of-Life Care)


DecemberTaking Responsibility for One's Own Health
NovemberWhen Patients Can't Afford Drugs
OctoberThe Clinician-Researcher
SeptemberHelping an Impaired Peer
AugustThe Profession's Ethical Standards
JulyInterpreting an Advance Directive
JuneRequest to Discontinue Treatment
MayDuty to Inform
AprilStudent Participation in Care
MarchGivers of Care and Organs
FebruaryExploring Professionalism
JanuaryIntroducing Clinical Case Commentary


DecemberEffects of Cultural Diversity on Medical Education and Practice
NovemberVM Retrospective, Part 2
OctoberVM Retrospective, Part 1
SeptemberThe Difficult Patient-Physician Relationship
AugustPoets? Yes. Providers? No.
JulyMedicine on TV
JuneDisparity in Health Care Delivery
MayDocs Go Casual
AprilPutting Bioethics in Perspective
FebruaryEmotions, Student Dating, and Other Valentines
JanuaryEnd-of-Life Care Ethics


DecemberOn Gifts
NovemberDoctors and Dying
OctoberMedicine at the Olympics
SeptemberThe Demands of Professionalism
AugustAn African Olympic Winner and Sub-Saharan AIDS
JulyMedicine and Human Rights
JuneVision and Illusion in Medical Practice
MayImages of Medicine in Wartime
AprilWeb Medicine and Pseudo-Medicine
MarchMarch Madness
FebruaryHearts, Anatomical and Other
JanuaryInvesting Time in Patients


DecemberWinter Thoughts and Images
NovemberIndustry Gifts to Physicians
OctoberFrankenstein, Witch Stories, and Ghost Surgery
SeptemberVirtual Mentor Launches with a Nod to William Osler