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AMA Journal of Ethics. May 2018, Volume 20, Number 5: 419-523.

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Trauma Surgery Ethics

Ethics Poll

Poll Question

Should a patient’s family members be allowed in the trauma bay during resuscitation?

Find a discussion of responses to this question in the May 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Poll Question

Is it ethical for trauma surgeons to treat a severely injured patient with the sole goal of elucidating preferences about organ donation?

Find a discussion of this question in the May 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

From the Editor

Caring for the Wounded—the Ethics of Trauma Surgery
Sara Scarlet
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Ethics Cases

How Should Trauma Patients’ Informed Consent or Refusal Be Regarded in a Trauma Bay or Other Emergency Settings?
Commentary by Ashley Suah and Peter Angelos
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How Should Complex Communication Responsibilities Be Distributed in Surgical Education Settings?
Commentary by Bradley M. Dennis and Allan B. Peetz
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What Are Ethical Implications of Regionalization of Trauma Care?
Commentary by Sandra R. DiBrito and Christian Jones
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Should Trauma Physicians Treat a Severely Injured Patient for the Sake of Elucidating Preferences about Organ Donation?
Commentary by Sandra R. DiBrito and Macey L. Henderson
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Should Family Be Permitted in a Trauma Bay?
Commentary by Matthew Traylor
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How Trauma Systems Respond to Change: An Interview with Dr. David Hoyt and Dr. Karen Brasel Listen

The Code Says

The AMA Code of Medical Ethics Opinions Related to Urgent Decision Making
Danielle Hahn Chaet
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State of the Art and Science

Defining “Community” and “Consultation” for Emergency Research that Requires an Exception from Informed Consent
Samuel A. Tisherman
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Medicine and Society

Gun Violence Research and the Profession of Trauma Surgery
Allan B. Peetz and Adil Haider
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What Is the Institutional Duty of Trauma Systems to Respond to Gun Violence?
Sara Scarlet and Selwyn O. Rogers, Jr.
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History of Medicine

The Evolving Surgeon Image
Heather J. Logghe, Tyler Rouse, Alec Beekley, and Rajesh Aggarwal
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Images of Healing and Learning

Memento Mori and Photographic Perspective of Roadside Trauma
Artwork by David B. Nance and captions by David B. Nance, Sara Scarlet, and Elizabeth B. Dreesen
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Second Thoughts

Does Family Presence in the Trauma Bay Help or Hinder Care?
Benny L. Joyner, Jr.
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Metaphorically or Not, Violence Is Not a Contagious Disease
Michael B. Greene
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Response to “Metaphorically or Not, Violence Is Not a Contagious Disease”
Gary Slutkin, Charles Ransford, and Daria Zvetina
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About the Contributors
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