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AMA Journal of Ethics. April 2018, Volume 20, Number 4: 307-417.

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Ethical Considerations in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Ethics Poll

Poll Question

Is it ethical for plastic surgeons to post photos and videos of procedures on social media?

Find a discussion of responses to this question in the April 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Poll Question

Should there be greater restrictions on social media marketing by plastic surgeons?

Find a discussion of this question in the April 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Peer-Reviewed CME Article

Facial Disfigurement and Identity: A Review of the Literature and Implications for Facial Transplantation
William J. Rifkin, Rami S. Kantar, Safi Ali-Khan, Natalie M. Plana, J. Rodrigo Diaz-Siso, Manos Tsakiris, and Eduardo D. Rodriguez
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From the Editor

Ethics and Plastic Surgery’s Legacy of Transforming Impossibility into Innovation
Megan Lane
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Ethics Cases

When Is Posting about Patients on Social Media Unethical “Medutainment”?
Commentary by Katelyn G. Bennett and Christian J. Vercler
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What about Learners’ Roles in the Operating Room Should Be Disclosed to Patients?
Commentary by Michael J. Kirsch and Steven J. Kasten
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How Should Trainee Autonomy and Oversight Be Managed in the Setting of Overlapping Surgery?
Commentary by Jean-Nicolas Gallant and Alexander Langerman
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What Does "Surgical Justice" Mean for Plastic Surgeons? An Interview Dr. Shane Morrison and Cedar Neary Listen

In the Literature

Plastic Surgery’s Contributions to Surgical Ethics
Chad M. Teven and Scott B. Grant
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Health Law

Plastic Surgery Overseas: How Much Should a Physician Risk in the Pursuit of Higher-Quality Continuity of Care?
Scott Schweikart
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Medicine and Society

What Should Be the Role of Plastic Surgeons in Nonanatomic Breast Reconstruction, including Tattooing?
Jeffrey H. Kozlow
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When Is Advertising a Plastic Surgeon’s Individual “Brand” Unethical?
Carly P. Smith and Daniel George
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Can Plastic Surgeons Maintain Professionalism within Social Media?
Pablo L. Gutierrez and Debra J. Johnson
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What Should Be the Surgeon’s Role in Defining “Normal” Genital Appearance?
Devan Stahl and Christian J. Vercler
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Images of Healing and Learning

Artwork and caption by Ryoko Hamaguchi
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Medical Narrative

How Tattoos Can Complement Breast Reconstruction
Lisa Franczak
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Second Thoughts

Exclusion of Medically Necessary Gender-Affirming Surgery for America’s Armed Services Veterans
William M. Kuzon, Jr., Emily Sluiter, and Katherine M. Gast
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About the Contributors
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