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AMA Journal of Ethics. March 2018, Volume 20, Number 3: 209-306.

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Global Reproductive Health Care Ethics in the 21st Century

Ethics Poll

Poll Question

A medical student on an away rotation in an obstetrics ward abroad witnesses physicians and nurses engage in violent and insulting behavior toward the patients. How should he respond?

Find a discussion of responses to this question in the March 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Content Question

What is the best strategy for promoting healthy births and mothers for clinicians working with women who use opioids or illicit drugs during pregnancy or postpartum?

Find the answer to this question in the March 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Peer-Reviewed CME Article

Structural Competency and Reproductive Health
Margaret Mary Downey and Anu Manchikanti Gómez
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From the Editor

Reproduction, Inequality, and Technology: The Face of Global Reproductive Health Ethics in the Twenty-First Century
Ashish Premkumar
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Ethics Cases

Is Lower Quality Clinical Care Ethically Justifiable for Patients Residing in Areas with Infrastructure Deficits?
Commentary by Marcia C. Inhorn and Pasquale Patrizio
Full Text | PDF

How Should Trainees Respond in Situations of Obstetric Violence?
Commentary by Nicholas Rubashkin and Nicole Minckas
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What Clinicians Can Do to Address Maternal Mortality in the US: An Interview with Dorothy Roberts, Nadia Sawicki, and Dr. Stacie Geller Listen

The Code Says

The AMA Code of Medical Ethics’ Opinions Related to Global Reproductive Health
Scott Schweikart
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Medical Education

Linking Global Health to Local Health within an Ob/Gyn Residency Program
Sara Whetstone and Meg Autry
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State of the Art and Science

Balancing Demand for Universally Improved Health Outcomes with Need for a Local Standard of Care
Christina Krudy and Kavita Shah Arora
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Policy Forum

Why Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are Legal but Unethical
Amy G. Bryant and Jonas J. Swartz
Full Text | PDF

Who Counts? What Counts? Place and the Limits of Perinatal Mortality Measures
Claire Wendland
Full Text | PDF

Medicine and Society

When Should Screening and Surveillance Be Used during Pregnancy?
Nancy D. Campbell
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Second Thoughts

Should Race Be Used as a Variable in Research on Preterm Birth?
Kacey Y. Eichelberger, Julianna G. Alson, and Kemi M. Doll
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About the Contributors
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