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AMA Journal of Ethics®

Illuminating the art of medicine

Discussion Forum

The AMA Journal of Ethics Discussion Forum provides an opportunity for students, educators, and clinicians to engage experts in an online conversation about important ethical issues in health care. Each month, the topic of discussion will center around a challenging ethics case featured in the current issue of the journal.


September Delivering care when your patient is a prisoner

October Safe Water Access and the Roles of Clinicians

November Ethics of Collaborative Health Systems Design

December Health Care Ethics and Professionalism in the Era of Climate Change


January Clinicians’ Responsiveness to Violence

February Using Comics to Promote Person-Centered Medicine

March Screening and Surveillance For Pregnant Patients Who Use Illicit Drugs

April Ethical Risks and Benefits of Using Social Media for Marketing and Education

May Confronting Racial and Gender Stereotypes in Medicine: Lessons from the #ILookLikeASurgeon Movement

June Navigating Moral Distress During Training