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Virtual Mentor. October 2014, Volume 16, Number 10.

Ethics Poll

Getting the Baby You Want

The Ethics Poll is a snapshot of the opinions of interested readers.

Which of the following best expresses what you think about using in vitro fertilization to select the sex of a child for the purpose of "balancingĒ the family, e.g., having at least one child of each sex?
Iím against it; it will lead to selecting other traits that have nothing to do with the health of the child.
People who can only be happy if they have a boy (or a girl) should not be having a baby.
Itís fine in a predominantly nonsexist society like the US because peopleís preferences will balance each other out.
If the technology has proven safe and effective, there is no reason why people should not be allowed to select the sex of their child.

Physicians may and should make recommendations to pregnant woman and follow professionally accepted clinical guidelines in caring for them, but legislative and judicial bodies should not have a voice in dictating a pregnant womenís behavior or decision making.
Don't know.


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